Tentfeest zaterdagavond 7 juli 2018

Band en hippie dj's. Aanvang: 21.00 uur. Entree € 7,00
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vooraf en aansluitend hippie dj's Martin en Roel.
Eric Kerns, Amerikaan woonachtig in Utrecht, heeft de band Swamp Chicken en met dezelfde bandleden heeft hij Le Band, een tribute aan The Band. Eric is een echte Dead-head (Grateful Dead fan) en onze wens was een keer minimaal een paar nummers van The Grateful Dead. Die gaan ze spelen, samen met nummers van Dylan, Clapton, the Stones en meer. Dat is het Swamp Chicken- gedeelte en tevens spelen ze met Le Band een ode aan The Band.

Le Band plays tribute to The Band

Around 1970, the Canadian-American rootsrock group was the most influencial band from the United States, as a backup band for Bob Dylan and their own classic material. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked them no. 50 on their list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. An evening with Le Band B will include classics like: Upon Crippled Creek, The Weight and Ophelia.

Le Band features special guest Tim Kerssies on keyboards and accordeon.

Swampchicken - A long story short

The Many faces of the Utrecht based band ‘Swamp Chicken’ span the last 2 decades. Raised in Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Americana folk, Funk, and Southern fried Roots Rock, Swamp Chicken dives into all musical waters. Creating the collage of tastes and distinctive traits of an integral surviver species !

The driving force behind the band has always been Eric Kerns, Andre Stevens and Dirkjan van der Hoeven who initially formed the band around 1998.
The band, who have been heavily influenced by The Band, Bob Dylan, Otis Rush, Earl King, The Grateful Dead, and Little Feat, made a highly impressive debut album named “Chicken Madness” that led to their local fame in Utrecht as well as in Amsterdam.

The Band and the origin of their chosen name ‘Swamp Chicken’ are an Enigma… often misguided and misunderstood Swamp Chicken has weathered certain extinction after the many abrupt changes in the Bands climate and hence numbers. But at ‘The Core ‘ or should I say ‘At the Core of The Enigma that is Swamp Chicken’, is a light hearted band of friends…. a trio of found brothers….. tempered by hardship and change, wise in remaining, wise in cracking and in tune with the endless musical revolutions of time.

Eric Kerns – zang en basgitaar
Andre Stevens – el gitaar en zang
Dirkjan vder Hoeven– drums+zang
Tim Kerssies – piano, accordeon zang